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CSM Bakery Solutions is the leading supplier of bakery ingredients; frozen and ambient bakery products under brands Arkady, Craigmillar, Baker & Baker and Kate's Cakes in the UK. At CSM Bakery Solutions we honour our heritage but deliver solutions to our customers. With over 135 years of innovations, CSM suppliesan extensive range of product solutions to in-store, craft and plant bakeries. These incluide bread ingredients, cake mixes, icings and toppings, cookies, doughnuts, mini bites and pre-packed retail cakes including cup cakes &. With our experienced techinical team CSM is in an excellent position to support and develop bespoke solutions in patnership with our bakery customers.

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CSM has a great selection of quality doughnut mixes designed to suit all applications and perform for you in your bakery. A cost effective alternative to buying pre-prepared doughnuts for that freshly baked, home-made feel, the doughnut mixes are simple and easy to use. The leading bakery ingredients supplier also offers "tailor-made" options especially designed for larger bakeries.

The product range includes:

  Craigmillar Satin

Versatile concentrate for the production of excellent quality doughnuts and rich buns. Use at 20% (12.5kg)

  Craigmillar Doughnut Concentrate

Produces soft and tender, yeast raised American style doughnuts with a short eating quality a bold appearance and excellent volume. The concentrate suits all types of processing and requires the addition of flour, yeast and water. The dough is easy to handle and can be shaped into balls, rings, fingers and twists (16kg).

CSM offers an extensive range of premium Thaw and Serve doughnuts which cater perfectly for the current trend for indulgent and American style bakery products. The Thaw and Serve range will ensure a fresh look and taste which is instantly appealing to customers. With innovatively topped and filled products avaliable, bakers and foodservice operators will be spolit for choice.

The product range includes:

  Licensed Doughnuts

Oreo Doughnuts (48 x 72g)

Cadbury Caramel Doughnuts (48 x 67g)

Cadbury Chocolate Doughnuts (48 x 74g)

  Topped & Filled Doughnuts

Filly Berry (48 x 76g)

Filly Vanilli (48 x 50g)

Filly Cocoa Crème (48 x 75g)

Filly Caramel (48 x 65g)

  Ring Doughnuts

Mixed Pack Ring Doughnuts (36 x 60g)

Plain Ring Doughnuts (48 x 50g)

Chocolate Ring (36x60g)

Strawberry Ring (36x60g)

White Ring (36x60g)

  Finger Doughnuts

Finger Doughnut (56 x 50g)

For further information or to place an order please contact 0800 783 4697 or visit CSM's website

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