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CSM Ingredients is the leading supplier of the highest quality ingredients with a wide range across Bakery Fats, Pastry and Bread Ingredients as well as food solutions for multiple industrial applications in bakery, dairy, non-dairy or the ice cream industry. A team of highly expert professionals serves artisanal and industrial bakers, global foodservice operators and retail chains in more than 100 countries. The focus on innovation and excellence in product development and the global manufacturing presence make CSM Ingredients the partner of choice of the industry. Our brands include some of the sector’s most trusted names including Arkady and Craigmillar.

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CSM has a great selection of quality doughnut mixes designed to suit all applications and perform for you in your bakery. A cost effective alternative to buying pre-prepared doughnuts for that freshly baked, home-made feel, the doughnut mixes are simple and easy to use. The leading bakery ingredients supplier also offers "tailor-made" options especially designed for larger bakeries.

The product range includes:

  Craigmillar Satin

Versatile concentrate for the production of excellent quality doughnuts and rich buns. Use at 20% (12.5kg)

  Craigmillar Doughnut Concentrate

Produces soft and tender, yeast raised American style doughnuts with a short eating quality a bold appearance and excellent volume. The concentrate suits all types of processing and requires the addition of flour, yeast and water. The dough is easy to handle and can be shaped into balls, rings, fingers and twists (16kg).

Craigmillar Crembel Fudge Icings give bakers the flexibility to meet different decorating requirements. Pipe, dip, flood or beat to create a frosting. Can be used on many types of confectionery bases such as doughnuts, cupcakes and gateaux. Perfect for decorating your signature doughnut for this year’s national Doughnut Week

In five fantastic flavours - Chocolate, White, Caramel, Strawberry and Lemon, Craigmillar Crembels give a high sheen finish and smooth texture when melted. They are non-tacky and freeze thaw stable and because they maintain their visual and taste appeal they give bakers the flexibility to create a range of eye-catching confectionery lines.

For further information or to place an order please contact 0800 054 1228 or visit CSM's website

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